Kilpatrick Townsend’s Consumer Product Safety practice assists clients subject to regulation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Our attorneys possess substantial experience in counseling clients regarding compliance with CPSC regulations, including the notification and recall-triggering provisions of §15 and §37 of the Consumer Product Safety Act. We have helped recall products as diverse as toys, garments, space heaters, pacifiers and cigarette lighters for retailers and manufacturers as well as for importers and distributors.

Kilpatrick Townsend attorneys regularly advise clients regarding compliance with the “small parts” requirements and other toy safety regulations under the Hazardous Substances Act. The firm provides general legal advice regarding the Flammable Fabrics Act and Poison Prevention Packaging Act, both of which are administered by the CPSC. Our attorneys have also served as lead counsel for companies recalling or considering recalls of vehicles under the National Highway Transportation Safety Act and items regulated under the Food and Drug Act.

Product recalls often are accompanied by private civil litigation. Kilpatrick Townsend attorneys handle product liability litigation while coordinating ongoing product recalls.

In addition, firm attorneys also negotiate manufacturing agreements with foreign manufacturers for the purpose of ensuring compliance with CPSC requirements and develops quality control procedures in the country of manufacture and the United States. Our attorneys also draft proposed regulations on behalf of business organizations, comment on proposed CPSC regulations and coordinate industry group presentations.