Our Employee Benefits team provides comprehensive services related to the design, implementation, and administration of tax-qualified retirement plans including pension plans, “cash balance” plans, 401(k) plans, multiemployer pension plans, governmental and tax-exempt organization plans, KSOPS and ESOPs. We assist clients to ensure that their benefits and compensation programs comply with the myriad federal, state and international laws that govern these programs while still meeting their design goals. We prepare readable and protective plan documents and make required filings with the appropriate governmental agencies.

Ensuring compliance requires reviewing for plan defects and, where necessary, restoring compliance. We assist employers in identifying and successfully correcting a broad range of plan defects, and we have extensive experience with plan compliance self-audits and the IRS’s Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System. We provide critical assistance to companies facing an IRS or Department of Labor audit and have negotiated favorable closing agreements for employers facing IRS assessments.