• Overview
We have conducted numerous internal audits and investigations on behalf of companies in a variety of areas, including alleged fraudulent conduct, accounting irregularities, consumer protection, environmental, ERISA fiduciary compliance, securities, antitrust and government procurement fraud. Independently conducted internal audits and development of compliance programs make good business sense — a relatively small investment up front can prevent colossal damage to the company down the road. Where a problem has already arisen, we can assist in responding to the crisis situation that frequently ensues, and in implementing damage control measures to limit the long-term impact and related adverse publicity to our clients.

We help clients limit liability under various federal regulations. For example, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines allow for a reduction in a company’s fine if the company does not unduly delay in reporting federal offenses. Our audits and compliance programs can help to detect such offenses, making early reporting possible. In addition, the Department of Justice has established a leniency program in the antitrust area that is available only to the company that first reports an antitrust violation. That leniency generally eliminates the risk of prosecution for the reporting company and its employees. An effective compliance program is also a factor in Department of Justice decisions on whether to treat an environmental violation as a criminal matter.